Are you tired of those dreadful and archaic leadership training programs that keep you looking at the clock? Or programs that lack substance and purpose, leaving you to question your reason for attending? Well, you've come to the right place.

Leadersville is a community for "all things leadership" with an engaging and modern twist. Designed upon spiritual, mental, and emotional core values, our mission is to guide both adults and teens towards purposeful success through personal and professional leadership development. Our best-practice programs and services help discover latent purpose and talent in the workplace, school, and overall lifestyle. We take pride in curating evidential curriculums that make leadership development exciting and resonating. 

Our services range from certified personal and group development coaching, leadership workshops, seminars, and brand copyrighting services. Areas of concentration include:

Customer Service

Emotional Intelligence

Diversity and Inclusion

Public Speaking

Conflict Resolution

Relationship Management

Employee Motivation

Workplace Culture Development

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Do you feel like something's missing? Or you're working hard yet unfulfilled? Maybe you feel successful, but your heart yearns more. Whether you're searching for meaning, fulfillment, or clarity on your next steps to achieve a purposeful journey, we can help co-create the life you desire more. 

Our certified personal development coaching helps you identify and master your unique purpose through self-discovery, accountability, and goal achievement. We assist you in overcoming roadblocks and adverse habits in many areas of your life to conquer fulfillment, such as work, relationships, spirituality, family, school, and health.

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"The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without purpose."-Myles Munroe

"My Journey to Social and Emotional Awareness"

Leadersville Academy Publishing presents "My Journey to Social and Emotional Awareness." A practical social and emotional learning workbook for grades 6-12 that includes 50 readings and exercises. Students will take a journey to discover emotional control, self-awareness, self-esteem, social awareness, positive relationships, responsible decision-making and positive goal-setting.

This workbook helps develop social and emotional awareness through identifiable real-life situations teens and pre-teens face daily. Upon completion, students will understand how to navigate through life as responsible leaders.

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