About Us

Founder, Hannika Shellings, is a certified personal development coach, community activist, and author, who has a heart-driven mission for the investment in human capital. She fell in love with leadership development after overcoming her own personal setbacks and shortcomings as a teen. Being a product of adoption and losing her adopted father to divorce, she battled teen depression that led her to unruly behavior, mischief, and a jail sentence at the age 18.

Utilizing her personal  shortcomings as a catalyst for vulnerable transformation, she persevered emotionally and spiritually on a journey of developing her most purposeful self. Through authentic self-cultivation, she was able to achieve her Bachelor of Hospitality Management and Master of Public Administration with honors.  She then began building her resume working in luxury hotels, managing and leading dynamic teams. Successfully, Hannika has improved TripAdvisor rankings from bottom 30 to top 10 within a year, increased departmental revenue, and developed subordinates into leadership roles.

After achieving credible success and working her way up the corporate ladder into a director role, Hannika knew her mission stemmed beyond hotel management. In 2017, Hannika founded Leaders in Pink Inc., a social and emotional learning program for girls grades 6-12. The program has provided services to students in the Sarasota, Volusia, and Dade County areas. Leaders in Pink has also partnered with companies, such as YMCA, Booker T. Middle, Level Up, D.I.V.A.S. of Sarasota, and Westin Hotel. 

Hannika's humanizing and vulnerable approach to the development of others has allowed her to achieve consistent growth and build valuable relationships. In 2020, Hannika's forward-thinking paradigm enabled her to identify and address the pervasive need for personal and professional advancement on all levels, leading her to form Leadersville Academy, a development brand for both young adults and teens.